A new spin on an old favourite! The progressive dinner revival

(03 /07 /2014)

I recently read an article on the revival of the progressive dinner or the new term ‘progressive event’!  What a great idea!  Local restaurants banding together offer a progressive dinner with wine matching to their customers.  Why not think outside the square and work with your competitors not against (at least once in a while!) I love these ideas, the ones where you try something new and interesting, something that your target audience may not have thought of!  A way to gain exposure to customer who may never have come your way before.  Offer them a taster of how amazing your food is.

The best ideas start with what appears like a crazy idea! Sit around the table with your staff and throw the ideas out there. How can we gain more exposure, what about media attention (the good kind!), what other ways can we entice customers through the door without jumping on the discount bandwagon?

Team up with a local winery, micro-brewery or what about a revival of something old school like murder mystery night or something classier perhaps – opera? Match these ideas up with a well thought out marketing and advertising campaign, use social media to your advantage, local media, how can you engage with your key target market. Take a risk and try something new and don’t discount something ‘old school’ just because it was ‘done’ in the 80’s, revisit a range of ideas and see where it leads!  You never know…you could be the next big thing!

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