About us

Who is iChef

iChef arms you with the tools and support you need to better understand and manage the financial and operational performance of your hospitality business.

iChef aims to equip business owners, kitchen managers, and chefs with tools needed to help themselves.

Our team has real-life knowledge of the hospitality and food industry, with our experience evolving from buying, managing and owning a number of cafes, restaurants, commercial kitchens and catering businesses all within a varied range of industries – from health care to the film industry to the corporate sector.

iChef understands your business and what you need to succeed.

Our formula is simple

  • Streamlined kitchen management structures = your stock and inventory work for you!
  • Sound financial management systems = making and managing money easy!
  • Easy to use restaurant management systems and tools = you being in control of YOUR business and YOUR life.

Our objectives are

  • To get you started quickly – take action today. Complete a simple health check of your business, the faster you identify and understand your ‘problem’ areas, the faster you will see results.
  • To build your systems – iChef tailors a continuous improvement program focused on the areas that have the greatest impact on your bottom line then evolve to cover your entire business.
  • To show how all the elements work together – how does inventory management, wastage, staff management, marketing and financial systems integrate and how do they increase my efficiency.


Take action now – Contact us for a free health check or to find out how we can assist your business.

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