Are we really coffee snobs? Or do we just love GOOD coffee?

(24 /05 /2015)

The growing trend of craft or boutique breweries is quickly filtering towards the humble coffee shop.  Gone are the days where a percolated cup of coffee would do, now its  quality roasts, small independents that are making our morning ‘cup of joe’ more tasty.

Coffee shops are popping up all over the place and in non-traditional areas.  Around the corner from me there is a mechanic that has rented the other half of his garage out to a coffee place and a barber selling coffees to their customers – both super clever ways of additional income.  Customers it seems are more educated and understand the terms such as acidity, roaster, Arabica, fair trade and grade with the likes of McDonalds even getting in on the act and adding McCafe.

Years ago I would have just found anywhere selling coffee, now I look for what type of beans they are using the number of people waiting, I read articles on the ‘best coffees in town’ and I personally travel across town to buy my beans direct from the guy who roasts them!  Snob or not, I drink my coffee black, no sugar so the taste, acidity and crème on top of my espresso is an art.

Have you found yourself changing your coffee beans to draw in more customers? Do you use this a marketing tool? Have you thought about how to bring coffee to your customers that is just that little different?

A café in the States has their iced coffee on tap – like a beer tap; a café close to me hand brews each coffee shot and pours them into the old fashion brown glass bottles before topping up with milk to make their take away iced coffees.  As our customers become more savvy so should our attention to detail, our understanding of what the market trends are and then how do we do things differently to give us an edge in an already saturated marketplace.

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