Are you up for the challenge?

(11 /12 /2015)

Australia is currently loving all things American with regards to food. So it is unsurprising that the mega food challenges are popping up all over the place.  There are articles dedicated to the best food challenges; the hottest food challenges; collect your free t-shirt or hat etc, whatever it may be but what are the side-affects for your business and most importantly your customers.

I was recently visiting an American Bar in Brisbane and there was a hot wing challenge (not listed in any of the attached article links by the way) and 2 wings into, the gentleman who was being egged on by his friends started projectile vomiting in the bar area and rushed to the toilet. Nice!  An exceptionally classy look for your restaurant if that’s the kind of appeal you want.

Food challenges can be fun and they can have terrible side-affects for the participant but what about the bottom line?  Do they actually bring people in who will eat a proper, well portioned meal or are you simply know for the challenge?

I have also found blogs and websites dedicated to how to recover from a food challenge and then there are the social media side of things where one guy literally spent months travelling around just completing (well attempting to complete) challenges, no surprise there that his weight went through the roof and it has taken twice as long to recover.

So, it all comes back to target market, who are you trying to attract, is this a once off event to get people in the door, is it an annual event, can you raise money for charity to help put a positive spin on it.  Understanding your market and your customers and determining if loyalty and repeat custom will be cemented through offering food challenges or the biggest burger or the hottest wings.

Don’t get me wrong, I have sat at local county fair in the states and had a chuckle at the chilli eating competition, doesn’t mean I want to eat there but it was entertaining.  Food for thought….a LOT of food!

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