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(30 /04 /2015)

I recently had an interesting conversation with a restaurant friend of mine regarding ‘where to go for the answers to those simple questions’, you know the issues that raise their head time to time?  Who do you turn to for an honest opinion in this unpredictable and ever evolving industry we find ourselves in? Sometimes google is not the answer! Shocking I know (I have diagnosed myself with all matter of disease by asking Dr Google!) If you approach an association you need to be a member and in some cases members of the consultancy fraternity just put out their hands seeking something in return.

So I would like to reach out and offer a type of open door policy for anyone with that small issue they just cannot find a solution to and I will forward some solutions from someone from the outside looking in (iChef). If it is then OK to post it was part of our Blogs with no names attached so other can benefit.

Let’s have a look at our first question:

Q. I am in the process of hiring a new Chef to run my business.  As I am an operator who is not always in the venue, I am having problems finding a Chef who is good at running the team and producing great food plus has the business head to go with it. Many of the candidates have the food and team skill but just not that keen on the financials. Happy to be given the budgets and reports and make the necessary changes needed to make the right food costs. What are my options?

A. I still remember the days of my restaurant and feeling the same. Leave me in the kitchen where I shone and hid the paperwork. Unfortunately, back in the day I didn’t have the luxury of some great kitchen software system where it pretty much told me everything I needed to reach my desired food costs and telling me where our business was failing. So in the current times of finding it hard to even find Chefs who can cook, I believe that we will need to rely on kitchen administration tools to monitor all aspects of the kitchen, and then make the necessary changes. It’s like a virtual Executive Chef in all kitchens.  Find the right Chef and produce amazing food and offer them the tools and support to do the ‘business’ side of things.

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