• Jan12

    The bare necessities: A retrospective

    I once worked at an establishment whose owner required artistically carved garnishes to be added to every plate that left the kitchen.  Not every meal was begging for embellishment mind you, but nevertheless there they were.  After all that meticulous

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  • Dec01

    LIKE THIS? Virtual world incentives

    I am a big believer in working effectively today for a better tomorrow and the same goes for the world of technology in today’s hospitality industry.   If you are not keeping your business up to date on the digital social

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  • Oct27

    Put your money where your mouth is…

    To put ones’ money where ones’ mouth is – according to google – informal: to prove the truth of ones’ words by actions or other evidence; demonstrate ones’ sincerity or integrity; instead of bragging about your beautiful house, put your

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