• Oct27

    Put your money where your mouth is…

    To put ones’ money where ones’ mouth is – according to google – informal: to prove the truth of ones’ words by actions or other evidence; demonstrate ones’ sincerity or integrity; instead of bragging about your beautiful house, put your

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  • Sep28

    Qualifications – fair point…Do we really need them to open a business?

    ”To open a real estate business I need a licence, to be a plumber, electrician or a taxi driver I need to be qualified or accredited, but to open a restaurant, cafe I just need to have money and an

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  • Sep20

    Do you bury your head in the sand?

      During my days of doing turnaround management, I was confronted with many operators living in the denial about the health of their business and the affect that the current industry downturn would have on them. I had just finished

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