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(26 /06 /2014)

Treat the cause not the symptoms

Issues: Unable to attract and retain a high calibre of staff and a difference in management styles between partners. The hotel was purchased by 2 chefs with limited business experience; they were cash poor, time poor and had no clear business plan or direction.  The hotel was very popular for weddings.

Solutions: iChef helped develop a weekly budget, developed a mini business plan, and looked at how to help with financial restructure, rostering and training.  The key here was involving key staff and management, it allowed staff to take ownership and also encouraged the owners to do what they were good at – being chefs!  Not handyman, gardening, cleaning etc.

Results: Good fun, friendly atmosphere which rubbed off on clientele and a professional approach to running a function which in turn expanded their wedding bookings.  Involving staff in promotions, key decisions and improving morale allowed them to attract and retain professional and loyal staff members.  Both partners were on the same page!  Dig deep to identify the real issue, treat the cause NOT just the symptoms.

Sound familiar? Need to talk to someone who has been there and done that?  Contact ichef 

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