Cross your t’s and dot your i’s – part 1

(13 /02 /2014)

Really! Is attention to detail that important when it comes to paperwork?  Surely people through the door and happy customers are the keys to success?  I can pretty much guarantee that most Chefs running their kitchens would prefer to focus on the food side of the business and leave the paperwork for others to complete!

Just bring me the highlights and draw my attention to any obvious issues or are you a Chef that has been burying their head in the sand and praying that the mountain of paperwork will just disappear because you:

a). don’t have time to do it or
b). don’t know where to start?

Unfortunately without completing paperwork how are you going to monitor what is really going on in your business?  Wouldn’t it be great to have a system that presents the reality to you each and every day?  Allowing you to make changes immediately not when it is too late?

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