Do restaurant reviewers hold all the power?

(23 /12 /2015)

Every Tuesday in the paper there are restaurant reviews and sometimes they just come straight out and cane them.  These reviewers visit a venue once, during one seating, on one day and then hold the power of opinion of whether that restaurant is worthy or not? Do you think you should be entitled to a re-run?  What if it was just, ‘one of those days’?

I know that some reviewers have a cult like following and take what they say as gospel, which in some cases may ruin a newly opened restaurant or at least taint the public’s opinion before they have a chance to really shine.

Do you think people are taking these reviews as seriously as they used to?  I know when I look at booking accommodation, travel or a restaurant I will read multiple reviews and check out the social media page to get a far more well-rounded picture.  There is proven research, people are more likely to vent about a bad experience than a good one, they are more likely to tell all their friends and with social media these days what hope do we have.  Word of mouth is extremely powerful and if you do have a bad review – especially on your social media pages you should respond politely, quickly and nip it in the bud – but don’t delete – unless of course they are using bad language or naming staff etc then you are well within your right to explain why you have taken down the post but not addressing concerns head on will just result in more negative press!

Phew…we live in such a volatile and NOW world, we want answers NOW, we want acknowledgement NOW and unfortunately we are also very fickle and the market seems to move on to the next new thing quickly!  So here’s hoping for the first review to be amazing, but never fear you do have the right of reply even if they won’t do a re-run you can always launch your own ‘we are awesome’ campaign from happy customers on social media!


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