Do we really eat with our eyes???

(14 /05 /2015)

The humble food court has really evolved over the years with so many styles of cuisines on offer. The ever increasing competition amongst operators for the market share is testing the imagination on how to stand out. New businesses entering the ‘fold’ enjoy the surge in business initially with curiosity and ‘something’ new being the driving factors, but what happens when the shine wears off?

Personally I have been watching one such new starter ‘evolve’ at my local shopping centre – and I will say it captured my attention as I eagerly awaited its opening. The set up was lovely and it was evident that expense had not been spared. So once it was up and running, I went along, ordered from the menu.  It was obvious that a lot of time and thought had been put into the menu, however I was surprised that I was charged ‘extra’ for a common item such as rice.

I settled down with my meal – the flavours where good but in comparison to other outlets the portion size and visual appeal just didn’t sit right – there was no sense of value for money.

If you have spent the time and money on the set up, why stop short on the most important items – the packaging that puts your food on display to the world. We all know that people eat with their eyes, so if it looks good they will purchase, taste is the next in line and what brings them back.

My suggestion to this operator would be to use a nice bowl and not charge the extra for rice, which coincidently with this type of cuisine goes hand in hand.  This will not only make your portion size look bigger but present well and show value for money.  I don’t know about you but I shop with my eyes when it comes to food, why skimp on presentation of your product when you have put so much time and effort into your shop front.

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