Do you charge a cleanup fee?

(19 /08 /2016)

Guest Blogger Willow Hart from Harthaus Creative shares her thoughts…

Woohoo! Saturday night, party night! 3am…get in taxi…oh…oh dear…perhaps that last shot was not the best idea…

Everyone knows that if you vomit in the taxi there is a cleanup fee. Ladies I know have vomited in their handbags to avoid paying the $50-$100 vomit cleanup fee in a taxi. So if a customer vomits in your restaurant or café can you charge them for the cleanup?

Well according to the Sunshine Coast Daily this is exactly what The Glasshouse Bistro in Montville did. A mother and child had been dining in the bistro when the son suddenly vomited. The Glasshouse Bistro charged the mother an additional $10 on their bill to cover the cleaning and steralising, as well as covering the time that a small portion of the bistro could not be used while cleanup occurred. The bistro believed that the $10 was cheap and that it cost them a lot more than that to clean it up.

The mother was embarrassed and angry. She went online and shared her story. The community got behind her and shared their views with the restaurant. After this the Glasshouse Bistro wrote a public apology on its Facebook page and offered to refund the money.

So what do you think is fair? Why is it ok for taxis to charge a fee and not the hospitality business? Perhaps its not fair to charge children who often don’t mean to vomit and don’t know when they are going to vomit, but it does pose a very real question for establishments where adults don’t know their limits and we are left cleaning up their mess. If it was brought into effect, I’m not sure how you would monitor this or even enforce it. For now we will just have to continue grab the mop and bucket, take a deep breath, clean it up and hope that they leave a tip.

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