Do you trust your customers?

(04 /12 /2015)

Would the honesty system work in your establishment? Is it kind of like that tv show where people paid an amount they ‘thought’ the food was worth?  Or do you think it might encourage runners? A local café I was reading about in North Sydney literally has a tray of coins sitting there for customers to pay and get their own change for their morning coffee.  The café owner goes on to say that it speeds the process up. They can serve more coffees without having to worry about change.

This really does take trust to a whole new level.  Yep, I know, it’s only the cost of a cup of coffee but it still impacts on their revenue.  They have found an opportunity to increase their output and very rarely have any issues.

It reminds me of the roadside fruit and veg stalls on the way up to visit family, they always have a trust system going.  Would something like this work in a restaurant?  Is there a way to combine pay pass facilities? Or perhaps using a key card? There is a restaurant in Brisbane (I’m sure this isn’t a new thing, it was just interesting to me!) where they issue you with a key card when you enter the café and when you go to order you swipe your card, when you buy a drink they swipe your card, it is kind of like a running tally of what you have ordered etc whilst dining with them.  You then simply hand over the card when you leave and your bill is automatically displayed, a staff member takes your payment and on you go.  Perhaps you could take it one step forward and reduce the need to staff at the till?

It is an interesting concept and given that there would be only a small percentage of people who would take advantage of a system like that it might be worth a look? You could also have a program similar to Uber – where you already have registered your account details and as you leave you ‘check out’ and your account is automatically billed and you are emailed a receipt?

Food for thought?

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