Does ‘this’ go with ‘that’?

(14 /10 /2013)

Venturing outside my cuisine?

There are so many things to consider when deciding on your menu.  The food sets the mood so it is essential that your theme matches your ‘mood’.  Would you go to an Indian Restaurant and expect Japanese?

It is easy to just throw ideas around but have you considered any of the following; food cost vs menu price, this includes what are your customers willing to pay vs the true cost of the menu item – have you included glad wrap, salt, pepper, serving sticks, silver foil, staff, electricity….; how big will your portions be?; is there a lot of prepping to be done?; complicated vs simple = staff training, speed of service!  There are so many things to think about.

Unfortunately, you need to weigh up what things actually cost, make sure you have a system of costing your menu and that you have identified your profit margin yet haven’t priced yourself out of the local market!

What is everyone else doing? Before sitting down and write you menu, see what all the others are doing in the immediate area, don’t try to reinvent the wheel, become different and imaginative in the food on offer at your place, set the trend find the niche, don’t try and offer the humble scone with the only change to it is raspberry jam, create a new type of scone cooked on rocks and hung from a candle stick, let’s be different lets be bold. This doesn’t mean you cannot have comfort foods on offer elsewhere but try and attach your own brand to it.

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