Doing Business Better

Why we want to help you do business better!

I have been there and done that! My first attempt at owning and operating a restaurant was a disaster! I refer to these as my dark days! That’s the only way to describe the time in my life when I realize there was no one to help me! I ran into difficulties with my business and approached a number of ‘Expert Associations’ for help, only to realise that all I could really do was walk away, tail between my legs and count my losses.

Over the years since I have watched the industry closely to see how it really works and have come up with simple tools and solutions to be put in place BEFORE it all goes pear shaped! I believe you really only truly understand our industry when you have lived and breathed it from the ground up! Fallen flat on your face, dusted yourself off and gotten on with it. Hence iChef was born! I don’t want you to have ‘the dark days’.

Over the years I have guided many businesses in the right direction and I am currently running a successful catering operation. I want to use my knowledge to make a difference.

My motivation is to assist and guide, supply a lifeline and hope, where needed, to operators who are in need. I am sure if I had that avenue back in the day of my restaurant ownership my future would have been different.

If I can make a difference to someone’s business then I know I have achieved something.

Best regards

Here are our top 5 essentials for starting out…

Have you done your research?

Plenty of people dream about owning a restaurant but the biggest favour you can do yourself is research! Understand your market, your demographics, your competitors.

Where do I even start?

At the very beginning! Grab a piece of paper and a pen and start putting all your ideas down on paper.  Once you have an outline or a ‘mind map’ you can start answering the questions, of location, rent, what kind of permits do I need.

How do I find the money?

The short answer here is through a reputable lending institute or if you do loan form family put a formal contract in place!

Why do I need a business plan?

YES, yes and YES. Would you bake a cake for the first time without a recipe? Would you go on an overseas holiday and do no research?

What ELSE do I need to think of?

Laying the foundations of your business may not be as glamourous or as romantic as jumping in boots and all and throwing open your doors but it will mean you are here for a long time not just an overnight sensation!

We really have made a difference.

Lack of systems and procedures, limited management experience with no business plan, marketing direction or accounting system. Father/daughter team that clashed and a core group of long term staff members reluctant to change. Until both players on the same team the full potential of the hotel couldn’t be unlocked……read more

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