Enticing the ladies with your manly appetite

(14 /07 /2016)

Guest Blogger Willow Hart of Harthaus Creative offered this insight to the battle of the sexes…
I’m sure that you are incredibly reassured and have never felt the desperate need to impress anyone. Particularly anyone of the opposite sex. Me neither!

I have never thought too much about what I eat or what my customers eat in regards to impressing someone. I thought I just chose what I felt like or didn’t feel like cooking (or possible couldn’t cook) myself. Surely I’m an individual and don’t eat to impress.

This is not the case. It turns out the amount you eat has a lot to do with who you are eating with and what gender they are. I kid you not! This is another great research finding from the Food and Brand Lab at Cornell University. This study observed 105 adults eating with different partners over two weeks.

Men eat significantly more when they eat with a woman than compared to when they eat with other men. Ladies this is an excellent argument not to split the bill!

Data from the research demonstrated that men in the company of women would eat between 86% and 92% more food than when dining with other men. Is overeating really the best way to show off and get a date? I don’t know. I’m a hospitality expert not a love guru!

Women on the other hand ate the same amount when eating with men or with women. Women did express that they did feel rushed and thought they overate when eating with men.

Just to be clear it is not appropriate to ask one of your female staff members to invite themselves to your restaurants all male lunch bookings to boost sales. However there is an opportunity to here for some great upselling at any table with both men and women! And I wonder if the gender of the waiter has any affect on appetites?

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