What is restaurant strategy and planning?
Why do I need a strategy & plan for my restaurant?
Who will benefit from iChef and how?
What does kitchen management involve?
What does financial management involve?
How can you help me with my restaurant?

What is restaurant strategy and planning?

Restaurant strategy and planning is a service that is provided to the hospitality industry (restaurants, cafes, caterers and commercial kitchens) with the objective of recognizing operational and financial issues affecting the performance of your organization. The consulting services include the review of your operations, measurement against industry benchmarks and the recommendation of areas for improvement.

 Why do I need a strategy & plan for my restaurant?

Tight margins mean operating inefficiently has a significant impact on the success of your business.  Without an understanding of the short-term, medium-term and long-term objectives, decision making cannot be effectively performed therefore eating away at your margins.  Clear directions and objectives for your restaurant help increase your ability to take corrective action when needed.

Who will benefit from iChef and how?

iChef has been created to allow many different members of the hospitality industry with varying levels of experience.

  • Experienced Chefs who don’t want to be burdened by the administrative tasks associated with operating their kitchens.
  • Apprentices who are interested in improving their abilities to effectively manage and operate a kitchen
  • Owners of catering companies, restaurants, cafes looking to improve the financial and operational performance of their businesses.
  • Mum and Dad operators who have taken on a lifestyle change by purchasing or starting their own restaurant, café, catering business and have limited experience within this industry.
  • Franchisors who are looking to offer their franchisees a proven system to cost effectively operate their kitchens.
  • Companies and institutional caterers that have facilities which provide meals to customers and/or staff and are interested in increasing operational efficiencies and decreasing operational costs.

What does kitchen management involve?

A commercial kitchen, whether it is in a restaurant, café, catering business or otherwise, is a business within a business and needs to be managed accordingly.  Management of a kitchen involves:

  • Analysis of every day operations within the kitchen
  • An understanding of flow of money through the kitchen
  • An understanding of what influences expenditure
  • Identification of areas that can improve through better controls
  • Optimisation of the kitchen

What does financial management involve?

Financial management is a subset of kitchen management which focuses on the financial aspects of running the kitchen.  This includes menu costing, stock level monitoring, revenue and operational expenditure.

How can iChef help me with my restaurant?

iChef offers a number of services and solutions that can increase the performance of your business and ultimately increase your bottom line.

  • Review and analysis of shortfalls within your operations
  • Identifying areas for improving the bottom line of your business
  • Measuring your business against industry benchmarks and best practices
  • Stream lining operational processes and procedures
  • Provision of systems and solutions to ensure improvements are continued into the future
  • Highlight the changes for financial reporting
  • Provide access to a wealth of industry experience and knowledge

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