Food Trends trending: Nuts about Bananas

(05 /01 /2017)

With my background and passion firmly founded in food, my interest is always peaked when a new food offering emerges on the scene.   In my opinion the smartest innovations into the food realm are new twists on an old favourite.

Some honourable mentions in recent memory could be sushi burrito’s, coffee in chocolate-coated ice cream cones and cold pressed, well, cold-pressed everything.  So ladies and gentlemen I present you with the humble banana.  More specifically I give you the arrival of the next big thing: organic green banana flour.

Not an exclusive ingredient on its own however its appeal is to a wider health conscious audience. Boasting gluten free qualities which will also appeal to Paleo diets, the flour has a sweeter and somewhat refreshing taste than its traditional flour counterpart.   It can be a great substitute and is already being used in local businesses to make bread, pancakes, pastries and pasta.

On the health side they hold all the same benefits as their fellow yellows but are also packed with high levels of resistant starch to satisfy for longer.  A positive note is that it is a sustainable and easily accessible ingredient.  My bet is this will soon become a firm favourite on menus around the country.  Watch this space!

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