Have I got the right staff? Do they reflect poorly on my restaurant or are they the reason people come back?

(21 /05 /2014)

Your staff can be your greatest asset, only if they are good at their jobs or enjoy their jobs, then they are well worth the investment of time and wages!  However!  They can also be your downfall. How many times have you walked into a place and felt you had walked into a prison? The staff members are so disengaged with the outside world and their customers that they are simply going through the motions. In this situation ask yourself – asset or liability?  A good return on investment?

Would you prefer to work in a happy relaxed environment?  Where people are smiling, attend to your customers in a quick and responsive manner?  I recall in the early days of working in the kitchen that it sometimes felt like the house of horrors, where one step wrong resulted in verbal abuse!  Who wants to work in an environment like that?

In my kitchens I strived for the opposite.  I wanted staff to work to the best abilities and enjoy coming to work whether they were front of house, the chef or the kitchen hands.  It was important that each and every person understood the importance or their position and how they contributed to achieving our goals and targets.

By setting goals, celebrating achievements and involving staff in decisions the staff were happier.  This has a flow on affect all the way through to front of house and on to the guests.  I challenge you to find someone who hates where they work but can still smile and show happiness!

When you spend so much time in one place together, what better way to pass the time than to enjoy yourself?  Become a family and everyone will in turn support each other.

So if the staff are treated as food carriers and pan pushers then that is what you are going to get.  Think about what goals or targets you can set for your restaurant and how you can reward staff when they meet and exceed these.

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