How can I make you stay????

(26 /02 /2015)

Retaining staff has to be one of the business world’s most challenging issues and it has been a question asked of me many times which I have struggled to answer.  So, I decided to look into ways other companies tackle this issue.

I have always heard that one of the best places to work for was Google. To my surprise though, Google has one of the highest turnover of staff – 5th place among the world’s leading companies.  Google offers it work force an outstanding amount of benefits and perks rarely seen any where else so why the high turnover?  Ikea also faced the same issue but a few changes to their HR policies yielded a great result – the company changed the way they treated their staff understanding that each staff member was an individual with their own needs.  And Ikea decided that the cost in implementing their human resource policy was far less than the cost of training and replacing staff and so the change was implemented.  So while Google offered their people a truly amazing working environment, it was how staff felt they were being treated

So how do these large companies compare to my small restaurant? Well as you know if staff doesn’t turn up for shifts the stress on the team is a problem – the kitchen doesn’t function as well, this impacts on customer service and if you desperately need to replace staff through an agency, the costs are high.  As a manager or business owner, you invest a considerable amount of time building the team you want – that team of special people who will go above and beyond to make your business a success and these are the people who want to hang onto.  So how do you retain your staff?

One company I had to restructure had one of the most diverse range of individuals I had come across.  Each staff member was incredibly important to the business so retaining each person was critical.  I had to consider each person’s needs and how they related to each other. I had to have each and every one of them on board otherwise I was fighting a losing battle. I involved each member in the change process and in the creation of ideas and the direction that we should take in the restructure of the business.  Ultimately, it was their business too – they had invested almost as much time and hard work as the owner and they had to feel empowered to provide input.

So while there are many things that you can do as a manager or owner to make your business a great place to work, when everyone feels that they are a part of the business and see their ideas implemented the whole dynamics of the work place changes. If you invest in your staff, they invest in you – pretty simple.  And in the jigsaw that is a business, group involvement is a piece of the puzzle in how to retain staff.

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