Inhouse catering for a household name Australian company

(09 /07 /2014)

Real life example of a company that iChef worked with…

Issue:  A $34,000 loss for the financial year.  Poor ordering and kitchen management; inexperienced employees and sluggish operational procedures drove this.  No direction given, department heads had difficulties in operational management and were not company focused. Different management styles caused conflict.  Catering for 300-400 people daily with a 3-4 star standard. Trained Chefs buying in frozen complete menu items.

Solutions:Cross training all staff in a variety of sections within the kitchen to reduce boredom and increase efficiency.  Developing and implementing weekly training session with staff to improve on their skill set and onsite managerial training to increase ‘buy in’ or ownership of staff.  A strict budget was introduced including daily, weekly and monthly stocktaking to ensure staff understood where the money was going.  Developing close relationships with suppliers and being smarter in ordering/menu planning. Meals were completely produced onsite.

Results: Improved productivity, excellent food cost %, improved quality and variety of food, 70% decrease in staff turnover, 400% increase in revenue and return to profit of $24,000 inside 12 months!  Success! Just because you cater for ‘inhouse’ does not mean you can’t run at a profit, you just need to have all your systems in place and treat it as a business!

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