Jack of all trades…master of????

(23 /04 /2014)

As a small business owner we try to do everything!  I was the chef, the accountant, the HR manager, the cleaner, the marketing guru, the blog writer, the program designer……the list is endless. I think my greatest challenge as a business owners and a chef was to recognise when I needed help and more importantly to recognise when I needed to outsource!

It costs more, I hear you say! It’s hard to find the right person! It’s easier to just do it myself! You know what it’s not and it doesn’t! I will liken it to a flu.  You initially stave off the flu by pretending you aren’t sick, by self-diagnosis, a trip to the chemist to buy over the counter medication and then you pray you have knocked it on the head?  Right? Sometimes this is spot on and you recover quickly, other times it just hangs on and on and on, you don’t get better, the symptoms change, you start coughing and then you bite the bullet and you go to a doctor!  The give you antibiotics and within a day or 2 you are better!

Business is exactly the same.  You need to constantly assess where your talent lies and where your energy is best spent.  Is it tackling the accounts?  Trying to write a blog post? Navigating social media? Or is it in the kitchen?  Just as a chef is the heart and soul of a great restaurant, a manager, an accountant, an amazing front of house maître de, an enthusiastic apprentice etc are all essential elements in keeping the cogs of your business turning.   Next time you are struggling with a task ask yourself where is your time better spent?  Cursing a task that seems impossible or picking up the phone and asking for help to delegate to someone who specializes in that task?

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