Join the ‘pop-up’ craze!

(11 /06 /2014)

I have been reading bits and pieces about the emerging trend in testing new products via ‘pop-up’ stores. You see them in shopping centres and sometimes in shop fronts that have been empty some time. Pop Up stores are shaping up to be a great tool in testing the market of new products. The advantage is that the set up cost are minimal and you can move without breaking contracts as pop ups arrangements can be from a few days to several months.

What about a pop-up restaurant? Find a restaurant or cafe set up which has been empty for some time, or what about a food van? Approach the owner with the idea and see if you can secure a short term lease, a kind of ‘try before you buy’ arrangement.  It’s a way of testing the market with minimal outlay and it also shows you whether the hospitality industry is for you!

You see this concept a bit with cafes/coffee shops – there is one around the corner from us. They opened their doors in an unused garage, their coffee was a hit and they added food, now they have upgraded to the shopfront attached to that garage and are a fully fledge café/bar with a breakfast and lunch menu and as a bonus for that landlord the café owners now rent the house that was attached to the original garage!

With the industry being so fluid and with trends changing so quickly, why not be unique and save yourself thousands!  It could be a win win for you, the landlord, your bank manager and your partner! Just be mindful of the age old cliché ‘Location, Location, Location’.

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