Licenses? Regulations? Forms? Approvals!!!!!

(19 /09 /2013)

Once you have found the location and it wasn’t previously a food premise hold off the signing of the lease as now the tricky part starts.  Patience, money, perseverance and a high tolerance for stress is what will be needed now!

Contact your local council and gather all the information on building requirements for opening a food business. What needs to happen to become compliant with these rules and regulations? (Grease traps, toilet requirements and parking needs just to name a few). Some works you will be able to get the landlord to do. The easiest way to get through this stage is to work with council and not against. Also see if the landlord will throw some money in for the work to be done.

Think about all the licenses you may need, here are just a few…

  • Liquor License
  • Trading hours
  • Food premise license
  • Signage permits
  • Preparation of food, food safety plan.
  • APRA License

Then all staff you employ will need to have;

  • Responsible service of alcohol certificate
  • Food handling safety certificate
  • Food safety supervisor certificate

Business requirements

  • Business name
  • ABN
  • Workers compensation
  • Staff superannuation
  • Building Insurance if you own
  • Contents Insurance if you don’t
  • Public Indemnity Insurance
  • Banking, including EFTPOS.

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