Never judge a book by its cover…

(27 /04 /2016)

I recently read an article that I think is refreshing and inclusive.  Brave – in our current politically correct world but sends a strong and resounding message of inclusiveness to the industry!

The Hard Rock Café in Manchester recently received a scathing review from someone who thought their staff was scary and ‘wouldn’t want to meet him in a dark alley’.  Instead of overlooking the physical appearance of the staff this reviewer thought it appropriate to discriminate on the basis of tattoos and piercings without really getting to know the individual.  In this day and age, when tattoos and piercings are nothing to write home about surely the perception of crazed bikies and gang members should be out the door as well.

The world has come a long way – in some respects – in the past 20 years and no matter what your personal appearance is, if you are polite, offer fantastic customer service and are friendly then really should it matter what you look like?  I have had plenty of good looking and well groomed, clean skinned wait staff that have been rude and unhelpful!

What’s your take on things?


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