Par levels – Is fresh best?

(07 /11 /2013)

To a hospitality business owner food = hard currency! If there is a disconnect between the owners and the staff in the kitchen, then food maybe viewed simply as a commodity NOT CASH!  Ensuring your staff understands the workings of the kitchen is vital in protecting your stock and from it simply being thrown out/wasted.  It really is cash that needs to be turned in to a return on investment.

Just imagine standing over the bin with your wallet opened over it and  emptying the contents. This may well be happening where there are no setting of ‘par levels’  for prep work. One place I was asked to help, the kitchen was frantically prepping the entire menu early in the week so they could take it easy for the remaining days even though it was Monday and their busy period didn’t start until Thursday.  Food, unfortunately, has a shelf life and if not used within a given time it will start showing its age in the final product which the customer gets.  There is nothing worse than being served ‘old’ food with anything ‘prepped’ unused simply being thrown away.  When if it had been left ‘unprepped’ it would have stayed fresh for longer! This was unnecessary waste and disrespect to the owner and their business.

Review the past sales results for each menu item and decide on the level of prep EACH DAY! You are able to order every day for fresh and perishable items so take advantage of that service. There is nothing worse than a fridge full of stock and a bundle of invoices with it all going nowhere.

Remember fresh is best.

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