Perceived or Real? Either way this is a real worry…

(27 /11 /2013)

Read an interesting article in the Courier Mail regarding the lack of skills that our apprentices have when leaving college and training providers.  Some in our industry say the distinct lack of knowledge in being able to undertake basic tasks is quite a worry, especially as they will be the ones to carry the ‘flame’ or the ‘passion’ for our industry when the old school chefs retire.  So where does that leave the business owners who rely on the skills and knowledge of the Chef who runs their kitchen? It is important to remember that kitchen should be viewed as a standalone business within the business.  The management of our kitchens requires the same care and attention as the whole establishment itself!

So if we have a Chef who is lacking at the basics when it comes to cooking, then how can we expect them to run our kitchens?  You need a Chef who is not only good at the prep and service but also understands the financial operations to ensure the kitchen is returning a positive gross profit?

This is where iChef comes and plays. If you have a great person who is great at the cooking and the guests love their style then with a little help from iChef and you need not worry about the financials. Our goal is give you and your managers the tools to ensure there is a financial manager in your kitchen so they not only can oversee operations but are also able to read the signs when there are issues!

Chefs love to cook! So let them follow their passion by offering the support and tools required to make all the other ‘stuff’ easy!

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