Put your money where your mouth is…

(27 /10 /2016)

To put ones’ money where ones’ mouth is – according to google – informal: to prove the truth of ones’ words by actions or other evidence; demonstrate ones’ sincerity or integrity; instead of bragging about your beautiful house, put your money where your mouth is and invite us over to see it!

“What makes you any different to all the others who are proclaiming to be ‘Business Consultants’ or who use the new buzz word of ‘Coaching’?”.  This was the first thing a very annoyed café owner said to me!

“How about you tell me your story and THEN I will see if I can help”, was my initial reply.  I truly wanted to help, but I would rather know the whole story before putting my foot in my mouth with a blanket statement of “Of course I can help you!”.

So, he told me his story, let’s call him John, one I had heard many times before…

John had been in business for about 6 months when he realised that he needed help!  He wanted someone to guide him in streamlining his business practices before things got out of hand!  So he set out looking for a suitable industry advisor. He found one that of course had all the answers – a solution to his problem and a plan of attack – but at a cost.  Another suggested he undertake a course that they offered: “We generally offer it over a 12 month period but most people fly through it in 12 weeks!? Was the promise – who has 12 weeks to wait or to spare for the magic answer? I need direction and help NOW!

But the statement that got me was, “It was just so obvious that no one was willing to put their money where their mouth was.  It was all about upfront charges and fees and locking you in, one guy even charged me for his time for the getting to know you coffee!!!  How was I supposed to know it was even going to work?”

John – I can absolutely help you and I have been where you have been! I completely understand his frustrations and unfortunately I have come across the same things, time and time again! You would think I would learn!  The difference with how I operate is yes there is a fee, BUT it is performance based.  I like to take ownership of what I am doing and saying and it is important to me to really get in and understand how your business works – not sit behind a desk and give you homework!  There is nothing more frustrating as a small business owner than someone seeing you as a cash cow!

When ideas and suggestions are NOT working, that’s’ when I change direction, talk through the concerns and offer new and tailored solutions!  Think of it this way – you have been given a set of goals/tasks to work through but nothing is making a difference and your voice isn’t being heard! It’s like getting the IKEA flat pack desk home and the most important bits are missing. At least with IKEA, you can get it exchanged or refunded.

Shop around, ask for referrals, talk to previous clients and google! Go with your gut, if the process doesn’t sit well with you, then chances are it isn’t the right solution for you! Food for thought!

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