So this is Christmas…

(21 /12 /2016)

The silly season is upon us (just in case you haven’t noticed, you’re welcome) and you are most likely in the midst of organised festive chaos.  You may find you have a few frayed staff who maybe aren’t feeling the holiday spirit as much as your customers.  In our current chef and hospitality staff shortage it is good to keep your valued people happy.

Here are a few tips to spread the cheer in the workplace that may keep the Grinch-y vibes at bay.

  1. Recharge

The feedback I most often receive from disgruntled staff is that they feel their needs are ignored by management.  While the holiday period is a great opportunity to gain a few more shifts, this can quickly lose its appeal after constant last minute shift call ups.  While employers are well within reason to expect staff to be available to work over the busy times it is beneficial to carefully plan and schedule time off.  Try and consider the individual’s needs to achieve a manageable balance.  Taking time for yourself also applies to the owner/operator of the business.  If staff see you there working alongside them they will not begrudge you your time off either.  In turn this kind consultation will lower stress, boost morale and will help to keep a ho-ho-happier workplace.

  1. Reward

We all need to feel valued and in essence rewarding staff assists retention. This can be helped by throwing a staff party or instead you could issue monetary bonuses.  No need to go into debt to impress just keep it appropriate for the crowd.  Other alternatives to explore could be to do a team building activity or have another restaurant cater for you and vice versa.  Having something to look forward is important and can be a great platform to openly recognise and reward outstanding members in a less formal meeting scenario.

  1. Keep it light

This time of year you can encourage a more fun and quirky feel and you can play that up with a more relaxed environment.  After all, if your patrons feel your staff enjoy being there, so will they.  Decorations can go a long way your surroundings with festive pieces or encourage a lighthearted approach to the uniform and encourage staff to add some “flair” where appropriate.

  1. Divide and conquer

If you offer things to your customers such as gift vouchers or hampers/food gifts it could be beneficial to have these available only in your online store rather than take up the time of your floor staff.  Have specials only available online and this way you can direct traffic to another section of your business freeing up the staff to focus on the lunch and dinner time rush.

Happy and Safe Christmas to you all…

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