Family friendly or adults only?…The best of both world’s

(27 /08 /2014)

Guest Blogger – Mum of 2, and small business owner Kirsty George offers a  mums’ perspective on dining out…I recently dined at 5 star restaurant in Noosa with my family and some friends.  It was suggested early on in our holiday that we would make a booking for our families (10 in total!) at an ocean front restaurant!  I must admit I was scared.  Up until now white table clothed places have been reserved for mum and dad kid free dinners but we took a deep breath and went along.

I must say I was so surprised! Apparently, the 6.30pm seating at this restaurant is always full of families and they cater really well for it.  The wait staff are straight at the table, taking orders, bring water (in plastic cups!), distributing colouring in pencils and paper and being super accommodating when we had ‘changes’ to the kid menu items.  It was refreshing to see that chicken nuggets didn’t rate a mention and grilled chicken on rice was an option, as was grilled fish and traditional spaghetti bolognaise.  Needless to say the kids were fed and happy and there were no death stares from non-kid diners, they even offered a simple ice cream and topping for dessert.  The best part – the kids all got up straight after dinner and joined the other 15 or so children to play tag on the beach in the light of the restaurant and my 3 year old sat still quite happy being at a big person’s table!

There is a happy medium, and these guys nailed it.  They understand their demographics, know that it is a very family focused holiday and through reputation alone they are booked out weeks in advance over the school holiday period for the 6.30pm book, leaving the 8pm booking time slot for the grown ups! What a great way to ensure you don’t cut out half your customer base!  Needless to say the food was amazing and the parents booked the 8pm seating the night after – kid free!

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