The hands on owner vs the never there.

(05 /06 /2014)

Personally, I am not a great fan of the owner who relies on staff to run the place. If staff don’t have ownership of the business and are only getting the minimum entitlements then they will probably not go really go out of their way to ensure the success of the business, and quite frankly, why should they?

One piece of advice that I offer to owners is to look at how you can give staff ownership.  For example negotiate a bonus structure, an opportunity for staff to be rewarded with a portion of the profits, above and beyond their normal salary for goals achieved. If a financial incentive is offered then staff are more likely to meet and exceed the set goals and ultimately have a direct hand in the success or survival of your business.

When you are hands on you are able to motivate and ensure procedures are followed and issues resolved. You will know what is always going on and how the business is operating day-to-day.

However there is also too hands on, or helicopter managing!  You know the ones I am talking about!  The owner who hovers around and checks out what everyone is doing yet is simply just getting in the way of service and making staff nervous!  There has to be a happy median.

Many owners are the face of their business and have created repour with their guests. I have witnessed many cases where the owner isn’t around and their regular customers are disappointed!

With my business there is an expectation by the client that I will be at attendance.  They are not only buying my skills and services but also my reputation and it is importance that their expectations are met and exceeded to encourage referral and repeat business!

Whichever type of owner you are, think about the impact it has on your business and your staff.  How much is too much or too little? You be the judge.

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