The heart and soul of your business is the kitchen!

(27 /01 /2016)

It is important to remember that the heart and soul of your business is the kitchen! It needs to be viewed as a standalone profitable business!

It is important to remember that the kitchen should be viewed as being a standalone business within the business and it requires a higher level of care. In many cases 60% of money lost is through the kitchen. There are so many areas where money can be lost. Separating the kitchen from the rest of the business as two independent cost centres helps to control the expenses and highlight where exactly you are haemorrhaging money.

Having a system in place for managing the kitchen expenses will ensure you are able to review and make adjustments on a daily basis.  It is important to keep on top of the little things as it can easily spiral out of control.  As a minimum sit down once a week and look at the ins and outs financially and make changes were necessary.

We all know that doing the paperwork is a brain numbing exercise but remember that this task is vital to survival of any business no matter what one it is. Take the time and set the daily kitchen budgets and monitor if they are being followed. Just like your own health, it needs care and attention to remain fit and healthy!

Don’t assume that someone else is doing it for you.

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