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(13 /02 /2013)

Matt Krueger has  been in the hospitality industry over 28 years.  I started my journey at The Windsor Hotel Grand Dining Room in Melbourne in 1986. The Windsor was the venue where I trained and complete my trade qualifications as a Chef.

After achieving my qualifications, I decided to see how other business were run.  I joined a number of other hotels as a Qualified Chef and then found myself comparing them to the Windsor on a search for the key success factors for running a food service business. With this knowledge I then took the plunge and brought my own business.

I had the cooking and organisational skills for working in a kitchen but I was to find out the hard way that I didn’t possess the most important skill; that being financial management. In the end I lost nearly everything.

With the hard lessons learned, I dusted myself off and  I set off on a quest to understand everything that needs to be considered when running a successful business. I took notes on every place that I worked at looking at how the business was run, why it work and where it didn’t work. In particular I paid attention to how the financial power house was run and what was over-looked.

With this knowledge I again set up my own catering business which has been successfully running for over 10 years.  My catering business services corporate functions, corporate staff facilities, the film and leisure industries, major functions, weddings and conference facilities.

I have also been involved in many exciting business turnaround challenges.  Taking a number of food service businesses that are on their last legs and turning them in profitable business.  This was achieved using the resources within each of them, reeducating their teams and setting out new strategies and methods to ensure they were able to continue achieving the great results.

My mission now is to convert this knowledge and experience into systems and tools for business operators with a passion for food.  Hence the creation of iChef.  If I can go to bed knowing that our system is making a difference and is helping this industry then I have achieved my goal.

I wasn’t able to do this on my own.  Without the right teachers during my years of understanding this industry and my business associate David Alley the dream would still just be that.

Read David’s story in coming weeks.

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