The iChef Team part 2

(23 /04 /2013)

David Alley has been involved with implementing systems that provide insight for businesses into all aspects of their financial and operational performance for nearly 15 years.  During this time David has built and rolled out many systems for business of all sizes and in many industries.  From large multi-national corporations to government departments to small and medium enterprises.  From the retail industry to the airline industry to health services and utilities.

I am passionate about providing people with valuable information about how they are performing so they can identify areas that can be improved.  There are a number of techniques and approaches that when used well result in a system that truly provides the insight that most managers and business owners don’t have the time to produce themselves.

Working with businesses in different industries has allowed me to see what makes a successful enterprise operate, what information matters most and how to best represent that information.  It’s all about getting the right information to the right people at the right time and in the right format.

When Matt and I started discussing the systems and offerings that make up iChef, I saw an opportunity to not only help individual businesses but an entire industry.  My key responsibility lies in converting our vision into a system that works for a time-poor industry.  I work with our developers to ensure the ideas are translated correctly into each component of our products.

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