The rise and fall of fine dining.

(14 /12 /2016)

It has been a tumultuous year for Australian fine dining.  First it was Sydney’s iconic Rockpool who closed its doors earlier this year and just last week, it was announced that another pioneer in the fine dining genre is making its departure.  Guillame in Sydney will be serving up its final soufflé this month.

The owner/chefs of these restaurants admit that they feel this offering has been overshadowed and it is time to focus on their sibling Bar and Grill.  Once upon a time their restaurants are where salubrious events occurred for the rich and famous.  It was a go to for the who’s who.  When you went it was most memorable and gave you the sense of elitism. The cuisine was known as second to none and the final bill was not for the faint hearted.

But times change.  Menu prices are relatively the same as they were 10 years ago and the margins have narrowed to a bottleneck.  Quality produce, staffing costs and outgoings have exponentially multiplied.

Consumers are becoming savvy and outstanding food experiences can be found in more easily accessible places.  The calibre of the middle tier dining has smashed expectations of old.  The bar has been lifted and we are now spoilt for choice.  The fine dining world is no match for the new rising stars taking its place.

With the curtains closing on the stage of silver service, treat yourself and indulge while you still have a chance.

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