There is a positive! It’s not all doom and gloom…I promise

(14 /05 /2014)

After months of writing about the pit falls of the hospitality restaurant I thought it was about time I put all these things into a checklist!  A kind of step 1 when thinking about buying a restaurant!

March 2012 – we talked about market research, spending time in a working restaurant, leaving your emotions at the home and surrounding yourself with the right people!

What about buying new vs existing? Have you looked into the books?  Do you know the real cost of operating?  Rent vs location and have you had a look at finances?

Have you written a business plan, undertaken a financial analysis and looked at marketing and advertising?  More importantly what are your goals?

Have you researched the licences, regulations and approvals processes in your area and what are you non-negotiable with customer service and your staff?

What about back of house?  Do you have a team you can rely on or do you have confidence to do it yourself?

Fast forward 2 years and we are talking about stocktaking, wastage, support programs and systems and bums on seats! All of these things seem daunting!  Over-the-top and a little hard-core when all you wanted to do was open a little café down the road!  Right?

The answer is simply handing you the tools and the insight to ensure you are not a statistic!  That you are in business for the long haul and that you achieve your personal and professional goals! It is our passion to ensure hospitality businesses stay in business that I write a blog each week, sometimes it may seem a little harsh, but honest to ensure the ‘stats’ of failure turn around!

This industry is my passion and delivering ‘memorable food moments’ when people eat what I create is my dream!  Helping others towards that is a bonus!

iChef do offer a comprehensive version of a health check, for free! If you want to learn more please visit us at

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