To deliver or not to deliver? That is the question….

(07 /12 /2016)

No doubt you have seen them zipping and weaving in and out of traffic in inner city suburbs.  They are a great way of getting that fast food fix from a variety of cafes and eateries without leaving the comforts of your home or office.  Deliveroo and Foodora – and soon to be everywhere Ubereats – are reshaping the culture of food deliveries.

There is now access to a huge range of cuisines available and the list keeps growing.  Through a series of testing before launching your product, they determine an acceptable delivery radius to ensure suitability for delivery.  Packaging and quality is required to be the same that you would receive within the actual restaurant.  This is gauged on things like retained temperature and appearance.

The founders of the company also believe that the introduction of these services does not impact upon current restaurant clientele streams.  In fact they are appealing to the crowd of take-out die hard’s so they can have the experience of restaurant quality food at home.    This can be an opportunity for the consumer to then coax them into visiting the bricks and mortar version of what they experienced.  Who says marketing doesn’t work?

It is the best interest of the delivery companies to keep their clients, in this case the restaurants, happy.  To do this they are striving to have a close relationship with the owners and operators to ensure consistency and quality.

I think that if this method of promotion can assist you in a positive way with the least amount of impact to your in-house product and people, it could prove to be a venture worth considering.

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