iChef Pro

Kitchen intelligence software that removes the need for guess work

With access to the relevant information so you know where your hard earned dollars are going, iChef Pro helps understand the now and takes the guess work out of future planning.  iChef Pro offers a snapshot for kitchen management; customer trends; menu and ingredient price changes; stock levels and most importantly cash flow.  Understanding where your money is tied up and where you can change behaviours will help with forecasting.  iChef Pro offers you the building blocks for longevity in an ever changing industry.

iChef Mobile

Cost your menu from the palm of your hand

With 6 easy steps you will have a clear picture of exactly how much your menu items are costing you and more importantly how much you should be charging.  iChef Mobile has been developed to help time poor managers, owners and chefs take back precious time so they can focus on what they are passionate about.

Click here to download iChef Mobile from the App Store

iChef Services

Expertise to help make a difference in your kitchen

iChef services follows a tried and tested process to identify areas where improvements can be made in your business. The process includes:

  • Health check – an initial check of all areas of your business
  • Business profile – a detailed assessment of your business strategy, direction, business plan and financial practices
  • Operational effectiveness – detailed assessment of your businesses operational procedures, their effectiveness and their alignment with your strategy
  • Marketing strategy – a detailed assessment of your marketing strategy and approach to promoting your business

If you are after advice in a specific area of your business, our Tailored Solutions provide you with a targeted review of that focus area. This can include menu design, recipe reviews, customer profiling, dining room layout recommendations, kitchen workflow optimisation and competitor analysis.

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