Walk ins vs quality of service

(07 /08 /2014)

Have you even been seated at a restaurant as a walk in and felt like you are a bit of an afterthought?  A bit of ‘oh well they are customers’?  We all love a full house during service but what if it comes at a cost?  Is it worth it? I recently visited a venue for a spot of high tea.  We had been on many occasions and had always had a fantastic experience.   So on this occasion it came as a surprise to us when we were asked if we had made a booking!… Which we hadn’t.   Apparently policy had changed (reflected on their webpage, but being repeat customers I neglected to check out the webpage!).

The supervisor asked us to wait to see if it was alright for us to have a table. The response was yes, so we took our seat and ordered.   They appeared under prepared and as a reflection the experience (and the food!) was less than we had become use to and it was at that stage I wished that the answer would have been a no we are unable to accommodate your table. We could have dealt with the rejection but the food was harder to deal with. It was so obvious that the kitchen was stretched with prep for the coming evening sitting that they tried to bluff their way through service.

The venue still made their money on our table but that is really all, the loss of future revenue from us and from ones who hear our story is a costly mistake when all they needed to explain was that we now only do High Tea via prior booking.

Be careful that you don’t put money before reputation and service!

Note: that the venue was notified and their mistake was noted.

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