(28 /12 /2016)

“Must be flexible. Have good time management skills. Able to start immediately”.  Simply flick through the advertisement section on Google and you will be met with pages and pages of wanted ads all vying for your attention.  It is reported we are experiencing the great chef shortage of our time.

So why is this the case?  Well(unfortunately/fortunately) it is not always Masterchef and My Kitchen Rules.  The realities are a little less glamourous and more sensationalised as you can appreciate.  Speaking with an old colleague of mine he recalled his early days. He went through his apprenticeship with 20 chefs and of those only 5 still remain in the industry.  Says a lot I think.

There is also the added concern that there are not enough chefs to meet the demands of the growing Australian hospitality industry.  The government announced this week that it is looking to scale back on 457 visas which will directly affect kitchens across the country.  In hotels, especially in metro locations, many kitchens are already made up of ¾ international staff due to being unable to find sustainable local talent.

So take heart as there are good chefs out there searching for you. If you are looking for staff for your business my suggestion is to appeal to their lifestyle.  Work/Life balance, although a buzzword bandied about, is a massive part of being fulfilled in your chosen field.

Perhaps offer a four day working week instead of 5 and partner with their excitement for food.  It may be that you can implement a new menu or have a specialised genre where they can express their culinary talent.  Either way never underestimate the value of what a passionate chef can add to your business.

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