What comes next?

(09 /10 /2015)

There comes a day in most peoples’ lives that retirement is inevitable.  Perhaps the body has failed you, your mind has wandered or your heart just isn’t in it anymore.  It’s no different for us chefs – knife-related RSI or arthritis can set in, long hours on your feet cause’s varicose veins and hearing can be affected from noisy kitchens.

For most of us, cooking is our passion so the thought of giving up because our body is failing us, is enough to break the heart.  But it isn’t the end of the world and if you want to stay in the hospitality sector, there are plenty of options to keep the mind ticking…here’s just a few of my thoughts.

Become a consultant – help newbies establish their business or help design their menu.  You have a wealth of knowledge and experience that really has high value and gives you the opportunity to guide the next generation of chefs and restauranteurs.

Start up cooking classes – share your passion with other foodies, help them to learn and truly understand flavours, textures, techniques that they can take home and enjoy.

Become a writer – don’t write just another recipe book but include stories about your experiences, your travels, your mistakes and successes and you don’t have to be a famous chef to share this valuable know-how.  Blogs are another avenue to consider too.

Get into the money space – help budding restauranteurs find investors so they can work towards their dreams.  You’ve been there, you know what’s needed and I’m sure you have many contacts and know of potential funding sources that could be tapped into.

So they’re my thoughts and some of these, I’ve done myself.  Have you already gone through this “change of life” or do you know others that have been successful in creating a new life after cooking?  How did you achieve it?  Was it difficult?  And how long did it take to make the transition?  Perhaps there’s even an opportunity to help chefs traverse this road…

There is life after cooking – you just need to be confident, be willing to try something new and get out there and build it!

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