What makes you different?

(23 /03 /2016)

A common theme to our blogs over the years has been thinking about your point of difference?  Why will customers return? What are you doing differently? There was an article recently highlight a catering company that was trying to think outside the box, try something a little different and you know what? He got media and exposure and bookings!

How can you continue to compete in a saturated market? The best way to come up with new ideas and trends is to research the market, and not just in Australia.  Have a look at what’s happening in Europe and the States and I can guarantee you we won’t be far behind. Have a brainstorming session with family and friends, and yes some of their ideas will probably be a little out there, but you know what – explore them!

Talk to your customers and get feedback.  There is nothing worse than seeing a business afraid of feedback.  Sitting there holding your breath and hoping people turn up every day and night and DON’T say anything bad is poor business sense, you should be mingling with your customers, asking them about their experiences and YES asking them about where they have eaten lately that totally blew their mind.  Don’t be afraid of feedback – just remember to take it constructively and with an open mind.

So, where should you start? Try your staff and customers – run a competition on social media or just have a huge family and friends dinner (and a few sneaky wines) and ask the question – WHAT CAN WE DO DIFFERENTLY?

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