What’s that smell?

(29 /06 /2016)

Everyday that I have spent in a kitchen I have relied on my nose. Did you know that scientists at Rockefeller University believe that a nose can smell almost a trillion different smells?! Wow! Imagine the taste sensations you could give your customers if your nose was trained to do that and you used your nose to its full potential!

The first step in training your nose is to be more observant about what smells it is exposed to. You also need to start consciously thinking about everything you can smell and trying to distinguish the different elements. This can be done at anytime no matter where you are.

When you are more aware of the different smells that make up your life then start choosing a few scents to learn. Earliest in the morning is when your senses are at their best so use this time to try the new scents you would like to learn and then use the rest of the day to challenge yourself. Choose a variety of 3-5 different smells. Consider choosing a couple of herbs, spices or fruit that you don’t use too often and a flower/leaf/bark in the garden. Smell them throughout the day. Keep going back to them until you become familiar with them, can remember them and recognize them. Each scent will take a few days to remember.

As you go on this journey to improve your nose, try to smell as many different things as possible and really ask yourself how you would describe the scent – sharp, soft, cold, dusty, woody and so on.

These techniques for learning smells and improving your noses amazing capabilities are also excellent techniques for regaining your sense of smell after illness.

Once you start to improve your noses palette, you will be able to really analysis the different elements of your food and wine menus. However you may become less tolerable to customers with unique odors!

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