When size does matter!

(06 /03 /2014)

Love getting a big portion? Who doesn’t? But what about your bottom line?  Is the kitchen working to recipes?

A missing link in your wastage vs portion control vs profit could simply be your recipes!  Just say you are applying all the correct rules – ordering and allocating ingredients per recipe, understanding weights and measures per portion.  This information is then used to cost each serving and determine the menu price.  At the end of this little sum you find – GROSS PROFIT.

No matter how carefully you plan, if the kitchen is using your recipes as a ‘guide’ only and portion sizes are inconsistent and left to individual interpretation, then your gross profit suffers.

Just as important as crossing your T’s and dotting your I’s when it comes to paperwork, so is a check that staff are very clear on the use of recipes.

There are many way to ensure that recipe portions are consistent.  For example pre-measuring the ingredients before service so that the dish can be made quickly without having to continually measure each serving, involving the kitchen staff in the ordering process – show them the bottom line between even a small increase in wastage or something as simple as having a kitchen manager monitor each dish as it leaves for the dining room.  Portion control is one of the key components in ensuring profitability; after all you are in the business of making money!  Have you got any checks in place to make sure portion size is controlled in your kitchen?

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