Who is more important the chicken or the crab?

(12 /10 /2016)

Sustainable and Ethical – two words that have been thrown around a lot lately.  How about adding moral as well? In a world with an ever increasing population, how can we continue to feed, house and clothe everyone whilst all the while reducing our farming and forestry areas?

Tough question but one that needs to be addressed.  Recently we shared an article about vertical crab farming.  My first reaction was, those poor crabs! They live their whole life in a box and their taste of freedom is short lived before they end up on someone’s plate.  How is this style of farming any different from battery hens?

I then thought more about it – and realized I just kept coming up with more questions? Does the way in which an animal/vegetable is reared or grown change the way it tastes? Does a free range crab taste any nicer than one from a box? And how do we address the combination of pollution, over fishing, limited space and population growth?

Here in Brisbane there is a fantastic initiative of using rooftops for honey production.  A third of our global food is pollinated by the honey bee and these guys have recognized that we live in an urban environment and come up with a solution. (http://www.beeonethird.com/ )

Either way, it is a great debate.  In an every growing ‘conscious’ consumer market we need to be careful about where our ingredients are coming from? The amount of human intervention there has been to ‘speed up’ the process but also our wastage.  How can we in an industry that has huge wastage figures look at being smarter with our menus, more creative with items that aren’t selling as well and more realistic with our portion sizes?

Understanding our business, understanding our customers and making a conscious effort to change is just the first step.  Finding the tools, processes and the networks to make it happen is the second.


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