Who wants $100 towards their bill??

(22 /08 /2013)

Picture this:

You go to the bank and withdraw six hundred or so, all in $100 notes. That night you stand at the entrance of your fully booked restaurant (your pride and joy) and greet all of your guests with a hand shake and a $100, saying ‘this is towards your bill’.

Sound silly to you? Well it happens more than you think.

If you don’t know what your overheads are, or if you don’t complete regular costings, then the above scenario is pretty spot on!  You end up subsidising the menu with your own money.  It’s great to have a full restaurant, but if at the end of the day you haven’t made a cent then what is all the hard work for?

I found this the hard way.  When you don’t properly cost your menu, how do you know what to sell it for?  My customers loved it!  They ate like royalty and paid little for it. The place was full and the stock was coming in and dishes where going out and at the end of the week there was little to show for it.

The point is that we are in business to make money and also to fulfill our love of our business, but if we are not making any money, what’s the point?!

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