A different way of looking at a ‘Specials Board’

(23 /11 /2016)

Through the grapevine I heard of a place in Sunnybank that has given the ‘Specials Board’ a whole new meaning.

Heard of a place in Sunnybank that has given the special board a whole new meaning.  It based its idea around a sliding scale of value depending on the day.  For example on Mondays the ‘special’ dish was $1 through to Sunday being $7 but the equally unusual approach was that the ‘Special’ was actually from their existing menu.  A way to try new things that normally you wouldn’t have ventured towards perhaps?

On they day we visited it was a Friday and the menu item on offer was ‘Whole fish with a sweet and sour sauce’ normally $35, but because it was Friday it was offered for $5! Now before you start sounding suspicious and wondering if they found it in the back of the fridge – it was actually really tasty!

What is does show though is creativity.  Instead of coming up with a separate menu to be used only as ‘specials’ they were showcasing their existing items, controlling their stock levels and ultimately filling the dining room!  Why cook at home!

The items offered, even the ones at $1, were all good quality, normal portion sizes NOT reflective of the cost of the ingredients but what it was doing was increasing the average spend on a table – as most people were buying extra dishes and ensuing that pretty much every table in the restaurant was trying the menu item.  A smart way of looking to increase sales!

My only warning if you order the fish….you may need to love spicy Asian cuisine, the whole menu is based on the Shenzhen region of China so the menu is 90% spicy!

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