Arrrggghhh that word STOCKTAKING

(25 /12 /2013)

Don’t you just hate standing in the fridge and freezer counting an endless amount of stock at the end of a week?  But it HAS to be done! It’s another important step in profitability.

The stock in your kitchen is the same as money in the bank! Yes, it is food but it is stored in your bank (in store rooms, fridges and freezers) and each time stock is taken it should be classified as a ‘withdrawal’. It is so easy look at food as being just that, food, but in reality it is money being used to invest in the business and as with any investment, there needs to be a return.

By doing a stocktake you are starting the process of creating a bank statement. What was bought, what has been used and what are the stock balances remaining? This should be weighed up against how much was sold, did we suffer from waste, theft, over stocking, and is our costing correct?  And most importantly, did we make money? These questions will all be answered if a stocktake is done correctly.

iChef Pro Stock Tracker is easy to use.  Stock takes are grouped into the different areas within a kitchen (fridge, freezer, pantry, etc).  You can even use your iPad or Android tablet to enter your stock take directly as you do it.  iChef Pro combines stock take information with sale and purchase information to accurately manage the stock that is on hand.

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