Boot Camp for Hospitality Business! Would you sign up???

(17 /04 /2014)

I recently came across a reality show in the UK, where the idea was to open a first class restaurant under the guidance of some of England’s greatest chefs.  The show was based around teams, with no prior experience in the hospitality restaurant, competing in a series of tests and elimination rounds.  I guess it was kind of My Kitchen Rules, but with the added business support at the end.

The tests start out simple enough – creating a signature dish, outlining the theme of your restaurant etc all with very tight timeframes to see who would crack under pressure.

It got me thinking about boot camp for restaurants.  In an industry where they throw around stats such as 1 in 5 fail.  Why don’t we offer a crash course in the reality of setting up, owning and running a restaurant?  There are plenty of theory based business courses around but would you put your hand up to secure a spot in a boot camp?

There appears to be too many people opening their doors for the first time with the romantic notion that ‘my mum’s spaghetti bol recipe is AWESOME! Who wouldn’t want to try it’, without properly looking at the cold hard facts.  It’s just a little reminder to make sure you have looked at everything.  Do you have a business plan, have you thought about your financials? What about marketing? Do you know the true costs of running your business day in and day out?

The most important thing you can do for your business is plan!  Go in eyes wide open!  Would you attend a boot camp style program with guaranteed business support for 6 months after?  iChef would love to hear from you!


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