Boutique hotel offering fine dining and a café

(31 /07 /2014)

Issues: Lack of systems and procedures, limited management experience with no business plan, marketing direction or accounting system. Father/daughter team that clashed and a core group of long term staff members reluctant to change. Until both players on the same team the full potential of the hotel couldn’t be unlocked.

Solutions: Training for staff in house and at school for apprentices, took advantage of free training offered by suppliers – for example wine merchants, computer software and coffee supplier.  Offering practical training across all staff helped with maintaining interest and cross training.  Created budgets for all areas of the hotel and made key staff responsible for stocktake, this encouraged ownership.  Drafted a business plan and a marketing plan and upgraded software for tighter financial control.

Conflict issues: working within a family owned business presented a lot of problems, there were no clear lines of responsibility and ownership and it was important for us to know our limits.  Whilst we were trying to implement business systems and procedures we had to also be mindful of their relationship and not to ‘pit’ them against each other.  Always be honest, offer a clear direction, no hidden surprises or agendas and in some cases you may have to take the tough approach and implement change no matter what the resistance.  What is best for the business?

Results: Reduced overall wages cost %, the new owner achieved turnover target for the first time and we improved employee efficiency and morale and achieved excellent food cost %.

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